Dress Code

Rationale for Dress Code Expectations update: 

As fashion trends change over time, so must our expectations for appropriate dress wear to maintain a positive educational environment.


Rationale:  We encourage our students to dress in a manner that contributes to a positive learning atmosphere in the school.  While we understand students will dress according to their own taste, their appearance must not interfere with the learning process, endanger health or safety, cause disruption, or violate the civil code or commonly accepted community standards of decency.  Oxford Secondary Schools have created the following expectations:


A.     Shorts or skirts must meet finger-tip length when arms are hung straight to the side.

B.     Pants/shorts with rips/holes/mesh must fall below the finger-tip length when arms     are hung straight to the side.

C.     Low slung pants may not reveal undergarments, shorts, or boxers.

D.     Shirts that are low cut, midriff-baring, open-back, or see-through may not be worn. Camisoles or undergarments must not be visible. 

E.     Outdoor clothing such as hats, hoods, coats, sunglasses, backpacks may not be worn in the building (small purses or string-bags are acceptable).

F.     Clothing or accessories with messages suggesting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex or any other “image” deemed suggestive, offensive or disruptive by Administration may not be worn.

G.     Pajamas and/or slippers may only be worn on designated Spirit Days.



The above expectations may be amended by Administration as deemed necessary due to fashion trends.





Updated:  8/22/17