Have scheduling Error? 
For a schedule to be considered the request must fall into the following criteria.  If your request meets the requirements, click on the appropriate counselor's link and complete the form.  Make sure to keep an eye on your school email, as your counselor may have questions. 

1. Your schedule is incomplete (one or more hours missing in any semester).

2. There is a conflict in the schedule (two classes scheduled at the same time).

3. You failed or did not take a sequential or prerequisite course.

4. You are missing or failed a class needed to fulfill graduation requirements and this is the last chance to schedule it.  

A-DI - Hopkins

DJ-KL - Finkley

KN-Q - Garon

R-Z - Brevik

OSEC - Suckley

Course Scheduling Sheets
Senior (Class of 2022) Senior Course Selection Sheet
Junior (Class of 2023) Junior Course Selection Sheet
Sophomore (Class of 2024) Sophomore Course Selection Sheet
Freshmen (Class of 2025) Freshman Course Selection Sheet