Planning for your Future- Yearly Checklist

First Year (Freshman) Checklist:

  • Get involved with community and leadership-based activities

  • Explore & Identify career fields of interest

  • Work with school counselor.mentor to create a yearly schedule for meeting graduation requirements.

  • Consider taking challenging core classes & electives

  • Keep a running list of accomplishments, awards, and recognitions to use in preparing a resume and college applications.

Keep in mind that many of these freshman-year activities should continue through all four years of high school. Career planning, in particular, will merit careful, ongoing research; students may need help refining their goals as they learn new information.

Second Year (Sophomore) Checklist:

  • Attend college and career information events

  • Research funding for college, including scholarships, grants, loans, etc.

  • Join clubs or activities that support your career interests, find a mentor

  • Consider applying for a job to save money for college

  • Continue exploring college and career options

  • Decide if you are going to stay with Rochester College or attend Macomb Community College or Washtenaw

  • Take PSAT
  • Save syllabi from college courses

Third Year (Second Year Sophomore) Checklist:

  • Take the PSAT

  • Start thinking about your capstone project & what you would like to do

  • Save syllabi from college courses 
  • Speak with mentor often about college/career options

Fourth Year (Junior Year) Checklist:

Summer Before Junior Year Checklist:

  • Start thinking about your capstone project, what would you like to do?

  • College Tours!

  • Explore Careers & their earning potentials (glassdoor)

Fall/First Semester Checklist:

  • Take the SAT

  • Practice for the SAT/ACT

  • Attend OSEC Senior Information Night (October/November)

  • Submit your formal & casual photo to the yearbook before the deadline

  • Order your cap & gown for graduation if you plan on attending

Spring/Second Semester Checklist:

  • Take the SAT/ACT

  • Register for fall semester classes at Rochester College or Macomb Community College or Washtenaw

  • Think about ways to pay for college (Job, Scholarships, Loans)

  • Identify scholarship opportunities to pursue; note deadlines on calendar.

  • Contact colleges to request information and applications.

  • As soon as tax returns come in, It’s a good time to apply for FAFSA (5th Year)

  • Save sylabi from college courses

Fifth Year (Senior) Checklist:

Summer Before Senior Year Checklist:

  • This is a good time for some last few college visits

  • Continue collecting transcripts and letters of recommendation

  • Register to take or re-take the ACT or SAT

  • Narrow down a list of schools you are considering

  • Apply for scholarships!

  • Apply for colleges!

  • Enter/Update information in FAFSA

  • Make decisions regarding early decision/ early action programs

Fall/First Semester Check List:

  • Apply for colleges by the deadlines (If you haven't already)

  • Submit scholarships by the deadlines (If you haven't already)

  • Take an ACT/SAT prep course

  • Register for a Federal Student Aid PIN.

Spring/Second Semester Check List:

  • Work with parents to complete and submit the FAFSA.

  • Review and make any necessary changes/corrections to the Student Aid Report. (

  • Consider college acceptances; compare financial aid packages offered

  • Call college financial aid representatives with questions.

  • Decide on the college to attend and contact its offices.

  • Make informed decisions about student loans. (

  • Save syllabi from your college courses