Oxford Exchange Program

Foreign Exchange Student Program (F-1 and J-1)


As our District Mission states, we aim to challenge all students to achieve their maximum potential so they can succeed in a global society. In the classroom, we know our international students offer perspectives through their own cultural experience enriching the learning environment for all students. Their presence adds diversity and cultural richness to our school environment, fostering greater global awareness among our students and staff. International students also help promote tolerance and empathy through an understanding of different cultures. By interacting with students from different backgrounds, all students gain exposure to new ideas, customs, and languages in an ever-growing interconnected world.

Our goal is to create high-quality educational experiences for all international students by joining our community. To do so, we must ensure we have an adequate level of support and structure in place so they receive a genuine Oxford Community Schools experience.

All application information must be received by April 30.

Foreign Exchange Students (subject to change based on enrollment and staffing)

J-1 Students (Department of State) limited to 10 per academic school year (we will only accept in-district applicants, no out of district 

F-1 Students (Homeland Security/ICE) please contact [email protected] for forms and additional information

Please direct any questions to Mark Suckley, International School Counselor at 248-969-5017 or [email protected]