Transcript Request


Transcript requests should be completed online.

What is needed? An email address and a credit card for payment (payment needed only for some institutions) 

What information do you need to provide? Name, birth date, gender, graduating class and school are all we need to send your transcript. You may put your Student ID and SS # if you have them, but neither is necessary.  

How it works. Parchment sends transcripts to receiving institutions when your high school approves the order and uploads the transcript records to Parchment. This usually takes from one to three business days. Parchment will notify the student, via email, as soon as the school has made the student's records available to Parchment. Parchment sends electronic transcripts immediately. Mailed transcripts are typically sent within one business day. If your transcript is mailed, we can confirm that it was sent, but cannot confirm delivery. 

FAQs  |  Sending transcripts to Common Application  |  Sending ACT/SAT score with your transcript 

Order Credentials from Parchment
2 Simple Steps To Request and Send an Official Transcript                                          

STEP 1: Register for your Parchment account  
  1. Go If you cannot use the Parchment page due to a disability, please contact high school counseling administrative assistant Kendrea Shenfeld at  [email protected]  for assistance with ordering your transcript.
  2. Click on the link ‘Get my transcripts now”. 
  3. Sign in (returning users) or JOIN TODAY (new users must set up account by entering your email address and selecting a password.) 
  4. Enter your identifying information and your PIN*. 
  5. Activate your account by responding to the confirmation email you will receive from Parchment (Be sure to check your ‘spam’ folder if you do not see the email). 
*PIN: You will receive a mailing with an assigned PIN you may use when you are registering. However, students will maintain the capability to register without a PIN, however utilizing the PIN will save time by pre-populating uploaded information. 

STEP 2: Ordering a Transcript (after you have registered) 
  1. Go to the Parchment link on your school website or
  2. 2) Enter your email address and your Parchment password and click Sign In. 
  3. Click Request - Request your transcript to your Parchment Account – Enter Oxford High School, Oxford and MI – Click Enter and follow instructions. 
  4. Click Deliver and follow the instructions for selecting colleges to which your transcript should be sent. For other organizations, such as scholarship providers, click the link under “Select Other Destinations” or “NCAA” and enter the information requested. For COMMON APPLICATION USERS please see instructions below 
ACT/SAT - Sending Scores to Colleges    
ACT/SAT scores MUST be sent directly from the testing agency (either or to each college. 

COMMON APPLICATION - Instructions for Students 
  1. Initially, you are required to create an account at and record your Common Application ID. It is important to maintain this information for use later. This will insure your transcript is delivered to the correct destination. 
  2. Utilize the School Forms section of the Common App Online to invite your counselor to be a recommender. This will trigger an email message to the counselor, providing instructions on submitting school forms online. Confirm with the counselor of an intention to submit school forms online. 
  3. Log into your Parchment account and click on the Common Application tab. 
  4. Enter your Common Application ID #. 
  5. Verify that the information is correct: your name and your counselor’s name. 
  6. If the counselor has accepted the invitation, plans to submit school forms online, and has started your School Form, it will now be possible to request to send the transcript to the Common Application. 
  7. Click the Save & Continue button to move on (or Save & Add Another for additional destinations). 
  8. Your transcript will be sent directly to the Common Application Online system to be matched by the counselor with your school forms and submitted on your behalf. 
  9. Upon submission of your transcript to the Common Application, it is ready for submission to ALL of your Common Application colleges. You do not need to submit one for each college. 
  10. Next Grading Period requests cannot be made in advance of grade availability. Once grades become available students can request midyear transcripts. 
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