Michigan and Regional Scholarships

Michigan and Regional Scholarships

Michigan and Regional Scholarships typically start rolling in late December/early January.  Once we receive a scholarships there will be a link or the application be able in the OHS Counseling Office.

Daziah T. Crawford
Due Date: May 31, 2024

The Daziah T. Crawford Foundation (TDTCF) was established in 2019. It's in honor of Daziah whose life ended tragically on August 5, 2018. She was a journalism major and a recording artist. Her family and friends wanted to keep her legacy alive and decided a foundation helping students to pursue their dreams is the greatest honor.

Click here for the Daziah T. Crawford Foundation website and application.

Detroit Economic Club
Due Date: April 1, 2024

The Detroit Economic Club Scholarship Program's purpose is to assist students from the city of Detroit and three surrounding area metropolitan counties in the pursuit of an undergraduate education. The criteria for selection includes:

  • Strong scholastic performance and academic honors received
  • Exemplary leadership and character as demonstrated by extra-curricular activities, service in school and community, volunteer involvement and paid work experience
  • Special consideration is given to students who have overcome hardships to achieve their personal and educational goals
  • Family economic need


Distinguished Young Women of Michigan
Due Date: Typically Mid-December

Distinguished Young Women of Michigan is part of a national program that empowers young women to reach their full potential by providing scholarships, life skills workshops (like interview), and a positive peer network.  PLUS showcase your abilities and what makes you, uniquely YOU! https://distinguishedyw.org/apply

Donovan Xavier Baker Scholarship
Due Date: April 30, 2024

The Donovan Xavier Baker Scholarship fund was created as a way to honor the short but beautiful life of Donovan Xavier Baker. 

Application available here

National Management Association Leadership Speech Contest
Due Date: January 21, 2024

Our nationwide speech contest promotes an understanding of Leadership among our nation’s high school students and encourages the development of vital communication skills.

Public, private, and home school students, grades 9 – 12, residing in Michigan are eligible. BCBSM LDA members take enormous pride in their educational outreach. Please click the link below for contest requirements and entry documents. The application is available here.

Lake Michigan Credit Union's - Lloyd F. Hutt Scholarship Competition
Due Date: January 05, 2024

Senior have the opportunity to win $2,000 towards their college education by writing an essay answering the question, "What act of kindness have you experienced or witnessed that has positively influenced you most?  How willl you carry it into your future?"

Ohio-Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools (OMACCS)
Due Date: April 19, 2024

The Ohio-Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools is once again offering our 2024 LEAD! Scholarship Program for Ohio-Michigan High school seniors graduating by Spring 2024.

Click here to visit the OMACCS scholarship website.

Realtor Scholarship Fund
Due Date: March 17, 2024

Our Scholarship Awards are available for any and all career choices.  Applicants must be residents of the State of Michigan, graduating seniors from high schools within the jurisdiction of the Realtor Scholarship Fund, and attending a Michigan School of Higher Learning.  Our minimum Scholarship Award is $1,100.
Click here for the application

Rosa Park Scholarship
Due Date: March 1, 2024
The Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation was established in 1980 to honor civil rights legend and longtime Michigander, Rosa L. Parks, and her historic stand against racial prejudice in the 1955-56 Montgomery Bus Boycott. The foundation awards non-renewable scholarships to Michigan high school seniors who believe in Mrs. Parks’ lifelong commitment to social justice and community service while maintaining a strong academic record and demonstrating financial need.
Application available here

SET SEG Scholarships
Due Date: April 15, 2024

The SET SEG Foundation believes in supporting Michigan public school students in the pursuit of enrichment opportunities that advance learning and create opportunities. With the shortage of skilled trade workers in Michigan, we want to help revitalize these career paths and support students in their professional pursuits by giving 20 scholarships each in the amount of $500.

SET SEG Scholarship Application

Society of Women Engineers Detroit Scholarships
Due Date: May 3, 2024

Scholarship applicants must be in their senior year of high school OR current community college student. Students must be enrolling in an ABET accredited 4-year university/college engineering or computer science program OR community college with the intention of transferring to a 4-year engineering degree for the Fall 2024 term. 

Awards are available for high school freshmen, sophomore, juniors, and seniors. Students can apply directly for the SWE Detroit Advance, Aspire, Achieve Awards which recognize high school freshmen, sophomore, and junior students who inspire other girls to pursue STEM. High school counselors, teachers or administrators can nominate up to 1 senior woman for the Certificate of Merit award and 1 junior woman for the Madame Curie Award for Excellence per school. 

SWED Website and access to scholarship applications

University of Detroit Mercy
Date Due: May 1, 2024
During the 2024-25 academic year, Detroit Mercy will offer free tuition to first-year freshmen who meet the eligibility requirements. Students who continue to meet the requirements may renew the Titan Edge for up to four years.
Click here for the application.

University of Michigan Club of Greater Detroit
Due Date: February 9, 2024

Students only have to fill out one application for eighteen different scholarships that they are qualified for.
Visit: U of M Club of Greater Detroit Scholarship Application

University of Michigan Dearborn - Alumni Legacy Scholarship
Due Date: March 4, 2024

In 1997, the University of Michigan-Dearborn Alumni Society established the Alumni Legacy Scholarship.  The scholarship is appropriately named, as it will perpetuate the legacy of the University of Michigan-Dearborn tradition by providing scholarships to academically talented students with familial or other significant relationships to UM-Dearborn graduates (i.e. child, sibling, grandchild, spouse, stepchild, niece, nephew or cousin).

Applications available in the OHS Counseling Office