National Scholarships

Due dates listed here are estimates from past requirements.  Scholarship organizations change due dates yearly, please refer to the application or website for actual due dates.

AAA Scholarship

Due date: April 17, 2020

Offered to graduates who are former safety patrol members and have a minimum 21 on the ACT and a minimum grade point average of 3.0.

Applications are available in the Counseling Office or

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program
Due date: June 12, 2020

For juniors and seniors registered in any accredited post-secondary institution.

Abodo Apartments Off-To-College Scholarship
Deadline: Typically August

Our scholarship is open to any high school students who will be attending college in the Fall semester. ABODO is all about helping students find housing and we wanted to help students further by offering this scholarship

Air Force/Marines/Navy ROTC Scholarship

Deadlines: Fall & Spring

Award up to $180,000.00

Contact Military reps for more information:
Airforce: Sgt. Kassandra Peters or 810.614.8084
Marines: Sergeant Michael Mominee 248.332.1992
Navy: Rep. Art Stoddard 248.334.0916

American Legion Dept. of Michigan Scholarships

Deadlines: Varies

If you have a parent or grandparent who is a veteran, check out their website for many scholarship opportunities:


Arctic Chiropractic
Deadline: Typically June 

For graduating senior who have achieved a 2.5 or greater, who will be attending a college or university on a full-time basis by October 2020.

Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship
Typically June

Awarded to a high school senior pursuing a degree in animation.

Aspiring Business Professionals Scholarship
Deadline: Typically June

For graduating senior who will pursue a degree in business.


Aspiring Fashion Professionals Scholarship
Deadline: Typically June

This Scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing a degree in Fashion.


Aspiring Nurse Scholarship 2016 - Nursing Schools Almanac
Deadline: typically August

Scholarship competition is open to all US high school seniors who plan to pursue college education in nursing.

Application online:


AXA Insurance Achievement Scholarship
Deadline: Typically December

Senior who has demonstrated action in the areas of finance, environment or health & safety.

Barbara Lotze Scholarship for Future Teachers
Deadline: Typically December

Seniors who are pursuing education leading to a career as a physics teacher.

B. Davis Scholarship
Deadline: Typically May

All High school juniors and seniors, as well as, all students currently enrolled in post secondary institutes are encouraged to apply for the B. Davis scholarship by submitting a 1,000 word essay describing the three characteristics of leadership they value most.  Students are encourages to discuss why they believe that these traits are so important and how they feel that they are developed in an individual.

BigSun Foundation Scholarship
Deadline: Typically June

Seniors who participated in any sport during high school.

Bold Scholarships Recent Immigrant Scholarship
Deadline: Typically February

The Recent Immigrant Scholarship supports high school students who immigrated to the US within the last decade and who plan to live & work here. High school students at any grade level are eligible, and all GPAs will be considered.

Burger King McLamore Whopper Scholarship
Deadline: Typically December 

Awarded to any senior with work experience who shows leadership and financial skills. Open any high school senior.


Coca Cola Scholars Program Scholarship
Deadline: Typically October

Available to any high school senior who is a US citizen or permanent resident.

College Board Scholarships
Due Dates: Vary

College Board offers several scholarships.  Visit their website to learn about scholarships ranging from $500 - $40,000!!!!

College JumpStart Scholarship Fund
Deadline:Typically April and October

The College JumpStart Scholarship is an annual, merit-based competition -- financial need is not considered -- that is open to 10th-12th graders, college students and non-traditional students. The main requirement is that you are committed to going to school and can express your goals for getting a higher education. The first place prize is a $1,000 scholarship to help cover educational expenses. This award can be used at any college or university in the United States.

Comcast Leader and Achievers
Due Date: Typically October

The Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program recognizes high school seniors for their community service, academic performance and leadership skills. We provide these scholarships to give young people the opportunity to continue their education to better compete in tomorrow’s workplace.


Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway
Due Date: Typically October

Students 18-24.

Elevate Mental Health Awareness Scholarship
Due Date: Typically April
A memorial scholarship in honor of Sherise Rosser.  From the founder Calvin Rosser, "The hope is that the scholarship inspires greater awareness about mental health and fuels innovative solutions that help the millions of people who are suffering."


Elevate Women in Technology Scholarship
Due Date: Typically April
Empowering the next generation of extraordinary women leaders in tech.  The Elevate Women in Technology Scholarship exists to move the tech industry in the right direction by empowering the next generation of extraordinary women leaders.

Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship
Deadline: Typically November

Current high school seniors, or the equivalent, who are citizens of the United States are eligible to apply.  Applicants need not related to a member of the Elks.  High school graduates are not eligible to apply.  Applicants must be citizens of the United States on the date their application are signed; permanent legal resident status does not qualify.  Male and female students compete separately.

Global Lift Equipment Scholarship
Deadline: Typically June

For students currently attending or planning on attending a post-secondary institution in Canada or the US by no later than the fall of 2015 with a minimum of 2.5 GPA.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Deadline: Typically April

This scholarship is for graduation seniors of Hispanic or Latino heritage.

Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarship
Deadline:Typically Spring 

Senior who will be attending Community college in the fall.

Huggable Supermom Scholarship
Due Date: Typically Late June and Late December

At Huggable, we know that being a new mother isn’t a walk in the park. With a million things on your to-do list, it’s hard to find time for yourself. For the single mothers amongst us, it’s that much harder to make everything work as you get your little one off to the best start possible. For the Huggable Supermom Scholarship, we focus on supporting single moms, children of single moms, or people whose lives have been impacted in positive ways by single moms. Put simply, the Huggable Supermom Scholarship is a student scholarship designed to support single mothers and those who support them and benefit from their love.

Jeptha Wade Schuremen
Deadline: Typically March 

To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must be fatherless through either death or permanent termination of parental rights while the applicant was still a minor. Applicants cannot have an adoptive father at the time of application. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA; pursue a degree in law, nursing, medicine, or dentistry; and demonstrate financial need.

Information available in counseling office. Application available at

John F Kennedy Profiles in Courage Competition
Deadline: Typically January

Students in grades 9-12.  Essay required.


Joseph James Morelli Scholarship
Deadline: Typically March

Available to students with a learning disability that will pursue a career in a STEM field.

Information available at


Kelsey's Law Scholarship
Deadline: Typically August 

For 11th grade or 12th grade students with a valid Michigan Drivers' License.

Available online at


KFC Educational Grant Program
Deadline: Typically March

BK Employee, employee's child or any high school senior


Knapp & Roberts Scholarship for Students with An Autistic Sibling
Deadline: Available in July

Knapp & Roberts Scholarship is for college-bound students who have a sibling with autism.  The Knapp & Roberts Law firm want to raise awareness for not only the children with autism, but the supporting family members as well.

Leavitt Machinery
Deadline: Typically May

Eligible students must plan to be enrolled in a 2 year or greater degree program by September and maintain a 3.0 GPA and resident of the US or Canada.


Levin Firm Scholarship
Deadline: Typically August

Senior - must submit essay on a yearly legal topic outlined on the website.

Life Reimagined First-Gen Scholarship
Due Date: Typically December
The Life Reimagined First-Gen Scholarship exists to help motivated first-generation college students succeed in a complex world that is rigged in favor of those at the top.

Lift Parts Express Scholarship (LM Scholarship)
Deadline: Typically June 

For high school seniors or freshman/sophomores in a college or university enrolled or expected to be enrolled by the fall of 2020

Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship
Due Date: Typically March

We are continuing to award scholarships of $10,000 per student - renewable each year. The program will continue to add up to 200 new recipients each year, and will be open to individuals studying engineering or computer science that demonstrate financial need and come from underrepresented or under-served communities.

Louie Foundation Scholarship
Deadline: Typically March

This scholarship is for high school seniors and students who will be attending a college or university in the United States as a freshman during the 2016-2017 academic year. Applicants who are currently not seniors in high school (e.g., students who are taking a gap year or adults returning to school), but applicants who will be considered incoming freshmen are eligible to apply. Applicants should have demonstrated outstanding personal achievements, academic merit, leadership qualities and/or community service.

Microsoft disAbility Scholarship
Deadline: Typically March 

Granted to a senior with any disability who will pursuing a science, computer, law or business career.

Download application at


National Field Archery Association Easton Scholarship
Deadline: Typically December 

Freshman-Seniors who are members of the NFAA

NOBLE (National Association Black Law Enforcement Exec)
Deadline: Typically April 
Seniors who are involved in Community Service should look into this scholarship.
Applications are available in the Counseling Office or


P. Buckley Moss Scholarship
Deadline: Typically March
This scholarship will be awarded to a senior with a learning disability who will be pursuing a career in the visual art field.

Polish American Engineering Association
Date Due: Typically  May

For students of Polish background with a minimum of 3.0 GPA.
Click here for application: Polish American Engineering Association Scholarship   

Ponton Law 
Due Date: Typically Late October

Need and Merit based scholarship.

Pretty Photoshop Actions Bi-Annual Scholarship
Due Date: Typically October 15th and April 15th
Pretty Photoshop Actions recognizes the importance of higher education and the role it plays in our personal and professional fulfillment.   That’s why we are so excited to continue our Pretty Photoshop Actions $500 bi-annual scholarship (awarded twice per year).  This ongoing scholarship provides college and university students an opportunity to earn money to further their education and achieve their goals!

Pugh Scholarship Fund
Deadline: Typically May 

For students that have been impacted by organ, cornea or tissue donation.

Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship (The)
Deadline: Typically June 
Graduating seniors attending a college or university to study health care related fields.

RiSE Scholarship
Deadline: Typically January
Senior with a Learning disability or autism.

Rove Pest Control Scholarship
Deadline: Typically December

Available to students pursing a career in Entymology.

Rubicam Youth Award Scholarship Nation Genealogical Society
Deadline:Typically December
Grades 9-12.  Must prepare a genealogy of your family per the awards specifications.

SleekLens Academic
Deadline: Typically Late March
To qualify for the scholarship, you must be an Undergraduate, a Graduate, or a High School senior with a legitimate acceptance letter from an accredited University or College

SP $10,000 Scholarship
Deadline:  Typically March 

For students at least 13 years old who are legal residents of the U.S. or Puerto Rico that will enroll in a college or university in the U.S.:

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
Deadline: Typically Mid February (depending on your graduation year, make sure to check SWE website).
Awarded to senior woman pursuing an education in engineering.
Applications are available in the Counseling Office or

State Farm Scholarship
Deadline: Typically March 
Available for any graduation senior.
Available online at

Stephen's Soldier Cancer Foundation
Deadline: February 15, 2018

This scholarship was created for student who have or have had cancer.

Sweet and Simple Scholarship Essay Contest
Deadline: Typically Mid May

Think back to a time when you received a special gift that seemed so unassuming yet made such a strong impact in your life. Was it a present you could open in a box or a humble gesture from a stranger? Your gift will forever be priceless, but our Sweet and Simple Scholarship can help sweeten that present with a $1,500 award towards your college education. So, for those looking for an easy scholarship, keep it simple - sweet and simple.

Union Plus Scholarship
Deadline: Typically January

Seniors with a parent who is a member of the AFL-CIO union.

United States JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship Application
Due Date: January 24, 2020

Graduating high school seniors in the United States, where that state has an active JCI Senate program

Varsity Tutors College Scholarship Essay Contest
Deadline: Typically March

Walker Morgan Scholarship
Due Date: Typically May

For senior applicants who have been directly or whose family member has been directly impacted by an injury of some type.


Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship
Deadline: Typically January 

Seniors who are going to college to pursue a career government service

Wendy's High School Heisman Scholarship
Due Date: Typically October 
Candidates must have an cumulative high school gpa 3.0 or better, participate in at least one of the 47 sports recognized by the International Olympic Committee in the summer and winter Olympic games.

Zip Recruiter
Deadline: Typically June

ZipRecruiter is offering a $3,000 scholarship to the winning college or university student with the most creative entry in our Winter/Spring 2018 Scholarship Promotion.