Oxford Cup Criteria

The Oxford Cup History: Since 1930, the Oxford Cup has been awarded annually at the Oxford High School commencement ceremony to the senior (or seniors) at the top of the graduating class in scholarship who have shown the best all-around development. The selection of the top male and female senior student is made by the junior class, senior class, and members of the high school faculty based upon academic proficiency, well balanced development, and superior school citizenship. Starting in 2012 the Oxford Cup has been awarded to the top male and female vote recipients.

Eligibility Criteria:

All OHS students who have been enrolled at Oxford High School for three years.

All OSEC students who are in his or her 4th year and have attended OHS for the majority of their core course work at Oxford High School. (minimum of three years). 

To be eligible, students must not have been subject to significant discipline including suspension and academic dishonesty.

One male winner and one female winner will be awarded each year.


Top 33% of OHS senior male students and top 33% of OSEC 4th-year OHS-seated male students are placed on male segment of ballot.

Top 33% of OHS senior female students and top 33% of OSEC 4th-year OHS-seated female students are placed on female segment of ballot.

Eligible voters vote for top three male candidates and top three female candidates. Each vote counts as 1 point. After vote total is counted for each group (staff, seniors, and juniors) of voters, the votes are weighted to determine a male recipient and a female recipient.

Votes will be weighted in the following manner: 

OHS staff (50%), OHS seniors and OSEC 4th-year OHS-seated students (30%), and OHS juniors and OSEC 3rd-year OHS-seated students (20%)

The OHS Principal is responsible for validating the election results