Welcome to Oxford Athletics! 

Oxford High School has a strong tradition in interscholastic athletics dating back to the early 20th century. Currently, the department offers 89 teams competing in 28 varsity sports for both boys and girls from grades 6-12.

Although our teams have captured numerous league, county, district, regional and even state titles over nearly 100 years, the true purpose of the athletic program is to provide educational opportunities to eligible students that cannot easily be attained in the traditional classroom. The athletics classroom teaches sportsmanship, perseverance, self-confidence, healthy choices, discipline, positive attitude and much more.

We invite you to attend one of our several hundred contests during the school year to see for yourself the discipline, effort and sportsmanship it takes to be a Wildcat!

For current rosters, schedules, coaches information, game times and locations please visit the official Oxford Athletics website at 

Athlete Registration

Oxford Community Schools uses the Appryse software system to register athletes. Appryse is a web-based replacement to the paper-based system we have used previously to track medical history, contact information, and release forms for all of our students.

As parents, you are able to enter all information online as well as upload the doctor physical forms. Information can be updated throughout the year as it changes. This system will benefit Oxford athletes in many ways, including the improvement of privacy for our families. Coaches and trainers use a smartphone instead of carrying binders of athlete information. 

In the event of injury, trainers and coaches will use the system to automatically notify you of the injury, the symptoms, and/or care, etc. via phone, email, and text message. We feel it will make this year much easier for parents, coaches, and most importantly, increase the safety of our students.


Please enroll in Appryse at your earliest convenience by visiting our website: