Exam Incentive

Exam Incentive Guidelines for 2019-20

All students absent from school three or fewer days per semester, and with no disciplinary actions at a “D” level or greater, OR no incidences of truancy as defined in the OCS Code of Conduct, OR a violation of Oxford Academic Honesty Policy, will be given the option of not taking final exams for classes in which they also meet one or both of the following criteria:

  1. minimum grade of 73% in the class, OR
  2. minimum grade of 65% AND no missing assignments or assessments in the class


Additional notes and clarification:

  • Three tardies = 1 absence.
  • The deadline for fulfilling criterion (a) and/or (b) is 5 school days prior to the end of the semester
  • Late work policies for each class, for the purpose of meeting the exemption requirement, will be established by departments and clearly communicated to students at the beginning of each semester

Late work may be accepted for credit at the discretion of the teacher