November 4, OHS Incident - No Threat on Campus

Good morning, OHS parents.

I wanted to send out this message to clarify some of the rumors that have started this morning.

There is no present threat of danger at Oxford High School. Before school began this morning we identified graffiti on the cement outside our pool entrance doors. We immediately notified security, the Oakland County Sheriff's Office and our custodial staff. This vandalism was created by an individual with red acrylic paint very early this morning and did not contain any threats or any concerning messages. This same individual also climbed on top of the school building and painted several windows with the same red acrylic paint. None of the paint on the roof indicated a threat to our building. Security personnel reviewed camera footage and confirmed this person did not gain access into the building, as OHS is locked and secure. Unfortunately, this person did throw the head of a deer into a locked/inaccessible courtyard while on the roof. The deer was from a nearby location off-campus, likely struck from a vehicle prior to today. There was no blood from the animal found on campus or on the roof, as earlier reported on social media.

With the help from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office, we did identify and locate the suspect. At this time, this is a police investigation and we can assure our students, staff and parents the suspect is not a threat to our building.


Steve Wolf

Principal, Oxford HS