Scheduling FAQs

Scheduling FAQs

1. Q: What if I can’t decide between two classes before meeting with my counselor?
A: Enter your selections to the best of your ability. While meeting with your counselor,
adjustments can be made if necessary.

2. Q: I am unable to enter a specific course in PowerSchool. What do I do?
A: If you have met the prerequisites for the course, your counselor will be able to select it
for you during your meeting. Enter everything except the course in question before your

3. Q: I failed a class. How can I recover that credit?
A: You can register for the class again, or you can discuss recovery options with your
counselor at your meeting.

4. Q: Where do I find the Course Catalog?
A: Course Catalog  (The answers to all of your scheduling needs are in this document!)

5. Q: I lost my scheduling sheet. What do I do?
A: Come to the Counseling Office to pick up a new one or  
click here to for all scheduling sheets. 

6. Q: I can’t log in to PowerSchool. What do I do?
A: Your username is OX and your student #. (Ex: OX12345)
Your password is your 8-digit birthday. If that doesn’t work, come to the Counseling
Office for assistance.

7. Q: I am not currently enrolled in a seated Social Studies class. What do I do?
A: Please stop by counseling and ask for your scheduling sheet or print one from here. Follow the process of entering your selections on PowerSchool. Turn all of your forms in (stapled and signed) to the counseling office. When you do, an appointment will be made for you to meet with your counselor to discuss at a later date.

8. Q: I really want to talk to my counselor about my scheduling choices BEFORE I meet with him/her in my Social Studies class. What do I do?
A: Enter and finalize your schedule to the best of your ability in Power School.
Your counselor will meet with you in your Social Studies class and will discuss your
individual needs at that time. Bring your questions!  Write them down on a sticky note and put it on your sheet, so you don't forget anything.  If necessary, a follow-up can be scheduled AFTER meeting in your Social Studies class to further discuss your options. Don’t panic! Counselors can still adjust your course selections after you have submitted your final choices in Power School.