Mr. Amabile, IB MYP Coordinator/Math Coach


IB MYP Coordinator/ Math Coach

[email protected]

B.S. in Education with Mathematics Major 
Central Michigan University

M.A. in Educational Studies
Oakland University
Excellence in Teaching Honor

September 2010

Prior to starting my career with Oxford Schools, I began as a first-year teacher in Armada and eventually left for opportunities in both West Bloomfield and Clarkston schools along with a teaching experience in Mombasa, Kenya. I completed my undergraduate degree at Central Michigan University, Masters from Oakland University, and Ed.S from Arkansas State University.

I’m currently an IB MYP Coordinator and Instructional Coach for Oxford Schools involved in creating valuable learning experiences for both teachers and students, while building trust in the community at large. I have over sixteen years’ experience teaching a wide range of student abilities, developing recovery and advanced classroom programs, and collaborating with professionals in the tri-county area. I have six years’ experience presenting/consulting, training teachers as an IB educator, and developing the International Baccalaureate program on a state and national level.

In addition to teaching and learning, I have a passion for travel and volunteerism. I studied a semester in the Netherlands and volunteered in Mexico, Brazil, and Kenya. These experiences have transformed my life and motivated the thinking behind the creation of the “I’m 3rd Student Volunteer group” at Oxford High School, where students practice selflessness and put others before themselves through local volunteer efforts.

I feel very blessed to be in the position that I am.