Ms. Carman

Julie Carman
Language & Literature Teacher

B.A. in English
Michigan State University

TESOL certified

August 2020

I have been teaching English to high school students since 2014. I previously taught at Notre Dame Preparatory School. In my last position, I coached JV golf and Debate, served on the faculty diversity committee, and even took students to London, England on a summer class trip! We were able to explore the city, learn about history and Shakespeare, and even get a backstage tour of the National Theatre. It was an amazing experience, and one that I would love to continue to offer to students at Oxford High School!
My philosophy in the classroom is to build a community in which all students feel welcome. I want to make spaces where students feel that they have agency over their learning, and that their voice is heard. To me, learning should always be fun and a way for students to be able to explore their own curiosities. As an English teacher, I want all students to love reading; it is a way for them to expose themselves to many different experiences that they may not otherwise have.

I am married, but with no children yet. We have two cats, Scout and Crookshanks, who love creating a ruckus! Travel is one of my favorite activities, and I cannot wait to get back to it! I of course love reading, and love when someone asks me for a book recommendation. I also love baking and cooking, and I am always looking for new, tasty, and challenging recipes to make at home.